Change the Way
We Think of Our Period 

We are a specialized company that manufactures health care supplies and aim for "a warm product to match technology and ideas for women".


MORECUP, which was made with the motto of 'comfort during the menstruation period' is the world's first customizable menstrual cup and is designed with consideration to function, performance, design, and economy.


All of this is possible because Spark Factory has excellent professional members. The members are researchers, developers, designers, and marketing managers who boast outstanding expertise in their respective fields and endeavor to create and launch MORECUP. 


We thought of countless women who were uncomfortable because of the incomplete menstrual cup.

“Why don’t we design a good product instead of looking for one?” We endeavor to deliver products that fit women perfectly, removing the discomfort that comes with other products. We hope that MORECUP will alleviate women’s menstrual discomfort worldwide by making our product adjustable to their individual bodies. It’s economical, eco-friendly, and fits perfectly.



We want to ease the additional economic burden caused by women's menstruation.

Because MORECUP is semi-permanent compared to other sanitary products, it also has economic benefits. Until recently, sanitary products for women such as pads and tampons were necessary products with a fixed cost. Considering this nearly forty-year duration, you can easily see that MORECUP could save you quite a bit of money.  Buying non-adjustable menstrual cup sizes which come in S, M, or L, is inconvenient and wasteful because you are potentially buying the wrong size. However, MORECUP provides a new concept for menstrual cups without this unnecessary process.



Your Cycle Can Help Recycling

MORECUP aims to provide eco-friendly products. By reducing sanitary product waste caused by disposable pads and tampons, and by providing three size options in one cup, we solved the economic and environmental problems associated with purchasing and throwing away used products or ill-fitting menstrual cups. All of MORECUP's components, from the product itself to its packaging materials center around eco-friendliness.