How can I use Morecup?

Morecup provides three sizes to fit into your vagina. You can wear it by adjusting the size of the cup

What is your cup made of? Is it latex free?

Our cup is made entirely of 100% medical grade silicone. It does not contain latex.

How do I prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

Stop using Morecup immediately if you have any concerns about your vagina. Keep your hands clean when handling Morecup at all times. Do not share a Morecup with anyone. Wearing nail art and/or having long fingernails when using Morecup is not advised. Stop using Morecup if the cup becomes damaged or if there’s any deformation

What are the size dimensions (capacity, diameter and length) of Morecup?

Capacity : Diameter : Length - Size S 23ml/0.78 fl oz : 38mm/1.50 in : 67.5mm/2.66 in, Size M 23ml/0.78 fl oz : 40.5mm/1.59 in 72.5mm/2.85 in, Size L 23ml/0.78 fl oz 43mm/1.69 in 77.5mm/3.05 in

How do I clean it?

For the perfect disinfection, you need to boil Morecup and silicone case together in water for about 5 minutes. Do not boil them until dry.

Is the dye safe?

Yes. The dye used in our cups is FDA approved for use in medical devices; it is the same kind of dye used in colored contact lenses. The finished cups have also passed rigorous testing to ensure the material is body safety.

How do I empty Morecup in a public bathroom?

If you have to empty your cup in a public bathroom with no access to a private sink you can just empty the cup, wipe it out with tissue and reinsert or take a bottle of water with you into the stall for rinsing. You can wash it properly at the next convenient time.

What is the lifespan of Morecup?

With proper care, Morecup can be used for up to 10 years but we recommend that you get a new product every 2 years.

Isn't it uncomfortable to use it because the surface of the remaining rim is rough after cutting off one rim?

No. After cutting out the rim, you might find that it a bit rough but can wear it without any discomfort. Do not try to tear up the rim by hand but use the cutting knife or scissors.